The recipient of the Founder’s Day gift in 2012 will be the Center for Excellence Pediatric Hospital in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  We are pleased to present some important facts about the facility and its mission.


  • Currently there is a waiting list of over 5,000 children in the Dominican Republic awaiting pediatric cardio surgery
  • 25% of these children will die annually from lack of available pediatric Cardio Care
  • Presently two facilities in the Dominican provide pediatric cardiac surgery; one in Santo Domingo and one in Santiago, Neither site perform more than 100 surgery per year
  • Without an extended program or facility, the waiting list for surgery for these children will increase approximately 400 children per year
  • This surgery alone is breaching $350,000 per surgery in the U.S.
  • With this facility and the promised continued support from the surgeons of the International Children’s Heart Foundation, this cost is reduced to less than $1500
  • With the new facility in full motion, approximately 1000 children annually can be given the gift of life at no cost to them.
  • The new heart facility will be equipped with state of the art equipment
  • The facility will serve many children from surrounding countries including Cuba
  • The facility will be a repository for training medical teams from surrounding countries
  • Surgical teams from around the world have committed to help at the site of a new facility
  • Performing corrective surgery in a more timely manner, drastically improves surgical outcomes and reducing childhood mortality from congenital heart defects
  • When these children receive treatment on time, they become healthy kids and return to their families to grow and develop normally and lead productive lives
  • They have the opportunity to become useful citizens to society
  • The Hospital will also be a repository for the audiologist and the “gift of hearing” groups
  • The Hospital will also be a repository for ophthalmology groups for the gift of sight